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Name:Storycrafters: original fiction writing
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Storycrafters is an open-membership discussion & encouragement community for original fiction writers. There are no time-based signups and closed membership, and we are not based on prompts. Instead, the goal of this community is to provide a space for anyone writing original fiction, especially if your project is longer/has a high word count, though there's no restrictions about that either!

You can use this to get advice about character development, world building, share tips, etc.

There will be weekly check-in posts (on Mondays) where you can celebrate reaching a certain word count or overcoming an obstacle.


  1. This is not for linking to your work to promote it. You can, however, post snippets (under a cut) if you need advice on a certain part.
  2. Use content warnings and cuts where appropriate.
  3. This should go without saying, but questions and writing should be free of promoting isms. (example: "How do you make it clear that you as an author do not condone bigotry a character expresses?" is a valid question, "How can I get away with using [slur] in my book?" is not.)
  4. The default security level is public, but feel free to lock posts if you like.
  5. Don't be a jerk. If someone posts a snippet for background information, don't offer criticism unless they asked for it.
  6. What kind of things can you post? How about:
    • "Hey, I just found this awesome character worksheet I thought others might find useful."
    • "My world is based on an alternate timeline where Lincoln was never assassinated. How do you think people 100 in the future would spend their leisure time?"
    • "How do you find plot holes in your own writing? Here's what I do."
    • "How do you come up with names? Is it weird that my three main characters' names start with A, B, C?"
    • "Here's a post from [ profile] writingwithcolor about skin color descriptions. What are some good ones you've seen?"
    • "I need a word like spaceship but that suits my world where space does not exist. Any ideas?"
    • These are just a few examples!
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